Blue Wall Murals Gallery

The color blue wall mural has positive affects on the mind and the body. As the color of the spirit, it invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and exude feelings of tranquility. Blue murals wallpaper helps to slow human metabolism, is cooling in nature, and helps with balance and self-expression. Blue mural is also an appetite suppressant. Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence.

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Wall_Murals UK Abstract background in blue colors #F221211655
Wall_Murals UK Christmas ball and gifts #F221676773
Wall_Murals UK Halloween Party - Pumpkins And String Lights On Table In Dark Forest #F223588840
Wall_Murals UK Blue armchair next to a grey sofa, wicker pouf and lamps in a living room interior. Real photo #F221993953
Wall_Murals UK Christmas background with snowflakes #F222440347
Wall_Murals UK Crushed plastic bottles heap #F223169149
Wall_Murals UK Panoramic sky on a sunny day. #F125999658
Wall_Murals UK dark blue and green background, vintage marbled textured border with soft center light #F163816180
Wall_Murals UK Background with clouds on blue sky. Blue Sky vector #F168314741
Wall_Murals UK Blaue Bahn Farbe mit Farbroller auf Wand #F185998677
Wall_Murals UK Abstract blue background #F102483600
Wall_Murals UK Iron and chiffon textile #F223674792
Wall_Murals UK yellow Snapper Lutjanidae while diving maldives #F223823567
Wall_Murals UK Vector blue lights background. #F158894430
Wall_Murals UK Panoramic view of the Volga River in the mountains #F223177856
Wall_Murals UK Green leaves seamless pattern #F222932575
Wall_Murals UK abstract blue background in dark navy blue colors with layers of white diamond and triangle shapes in transparent design #F183227841
Wall_Murals UK Large Sea Turtle and fish at the Aquarium as people watch it swim by. Giant Sea Turtle swimming by the glass for all to view. #F223285255
Wall_Murals UK White clouds in blue sky time lapse 4k (4096x2304) #F221881890
Wall_Murals UK Illustration of blue, red and yellow Abstract Oil Painting banner background. #F222965622
Wall_Murals UK Ripply water surface with waves at daytime slow motion #F222885111
Wall_Murals UK Palm leaves against the blue sky in the tropics #F222097588
Wall_Murals UK Cupcake with a blue candles #F223124584
Wall_Murals UK Election header banner with Vote #F195514871
Wall_Murals UK headphones on blue chair isolated on white #F222943071
Wall_Murals UK blue geometric abstract pattern with white lines #F161545979
Wall_Murals UK Neon glowing techno lines, hi-tech futuristic abstract background template with circles, landing page template #F219956097
Wall_Murals UK Water drop falling into water making a perfect droplet splash #F222757219
Wall_Murals UK Red grapes on a vineyard at sunset #F223434728
Wall_Murals UK World open... showing lava and stuff. #F222021530
Wall_Murals UK Business objects on blue background. Business concept #F223241015
Wall_Murals UK tubes with nail Polish, glass and cream on the table #F222789562
Wall_Murals UK blur abstract soft blue studio and wall background #F141970582
Wall_Murals UK Pale Blue Vintage Headphones 3D illustration 3d render #F223725311
Wall_Murals UK Panorama of a winding river in forested landscape #F222442247
Wall_Murals UK Glänzende Metalltextur blau #F196329641
Wall_Murals UK Christmas background with snow-covered trees #F222876899
Wall_Murals UK Fog Wanders in and Out of Line Trees with Pink Sky #F222064064
Wall_Murals UK field of spring grass (shallow DOF) #F220237105
Wall_Murals UK Gradara Castle in Italy #F222187332